Writing this down in case some poor soul ends up in the same google hole as me. Hopefully I put all the right keywords so the crawlers can pick this up.

I have deployed external-dns in my home lab kubernetes cluster.

I’m using the google dns provider, and with the default install I kept banging my head against the wall getting this error.

INFO[0004] Google project auto-detected:
FATA[0004] googleapi: Error 400: Invalid resource field value in the request., invalidParameter

After about an hour of debugging, I found that I needed to add this flag to the deployment.


The docs on external-dns provider configuraiton are kind of shitty, and the only docs I could find on this were in the help text.

external-dns --help
  --google-project=""            When using the Google provider, current project is auto-detected, when running on GCP. Specify other project with this. Must be specified when
                                 running outside GCP.